- Are you someone who bears a strong passion for cooking?
- Are you solidly passionate about anything and everything about food?
- Do you love watching cook shows non-stop on TV / Online?
- Are you someone who’s passionate about beverages?
- Do you fret when your room is untidy? And then spend long time cleaning and clearing without getting tired
- Do you communicate well, are a good team player, have an eye for detail, can multi-task?

If you have answered YES to any one of the questions above then Careers in Hospitality / Hotel Management is your arena. Now comes the huge task of selecting the right Institute & we certainly understand that it’s not easy. “Love at first sight seems surreal and is confined only to the movies and cannot certainly be applied while selecting the Institute where you intend to pursue your studies” After all, HM Institute is a place where you will spend 3 full years of your career and spend a huge sum.

This blog post will give you “10 LOOK-OUTS” when selecting Hospitality Management College so read on…

Hotel Management as a course is a TIP i.e. it actively converts Theory Into Practice and therefore the Institute you are enrolling in must possess Infrastructure in terms of:
- Basic and advanced Kitchen’s
- Bakery with advanced Ovens and Baker’s tools
- Fully equipped Training Restaurant
- Well Stocked Housekeeping Labs
- Front Office Lab
- IT Lab with latest Industry Software’s Installed
- Wi-Fi Enabled Campus
- Library
- Changing Rooms
All of these are essential and must-have components for any Hotel Management Institute that aid learning and foster balanced personality development.

Enroll only with those Institutes / Colleges which are accredited by NAAC – National Assessment & Accreditation Council and bear authentic Affiliations from the University / State Vocational Board which is recognized by UGC- University Grants Commission. This is EXTREMELY important as only then your degree becomes AUTHENTIC & VALID. Keep in mind that many Hotels are now preferring to Hire Hotel Management Graduates with University Recognized Bachelor’s Degree. Also, if you aspire to pursue Post Graduation in the future then a “Full-Time Bachelor’s Degree” from a well-known University is an ABSOLUTE MUST

If you are someone who has just cleared SSC 10th Std, you can still enter and be a part of this Industry by pursuing various Diplomas in the domains of Hospitality. Just ensure that Diploma you are pursuing carries the feature of Equivalence which means, after having successfully pursued the Diploma one becomes directly eligible for a Degree in Hospitality Studies WITHOUT appearing for conventional HSC 12th STD exams.

The strength of knowledge & skills that you will possess and develop depends upon how well were you taught during your Graduation Year’s. So, no matter how upgraded & contemporary the curriculum is, ultimately it is the Faculty who implements it, enlightens the students by molding them into wholesome Hospitality professionals. You can use Social Media try to find out who are the faculty members. Remember, any Institute always has a blend of Full Time and Visiting Faculties.

A wholesome Hospitality Management Syllabus will have 3 forms of subjects namely:
They pertain to 4 core operational areas of any Hotel like Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping, and Front Office. Implemented via Practical and Theory

They are majorly about the other interconnected components of the Hospitality Industry like Event Management, Tourism Studies, Airlines, etc. They familiarize students with the operational aspects of these allied industry segments thus expanding their employment scope.

Everyone may have great ideas and creativity however few possess the know-how and ability to convert these amazing ideas/ thoughts into reality. Management subjects which are implemented via Lectures, case studies, role plays empowers the learner to understand the behavior of people in a work setting, understand the CORE TASKS of any business like Business Communication, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, IT that are essential for running ANY business or manage your own enterprise. They act like glue that binds all the course contents together

Your College must offer a blend of events that foster learning and add fun in your Academic Lifelike field trips, theme lunches, sports & cultural competitions, hotel visits, visits to industry expos, inter and intra collegiate events, and many more... “Events are a unique platform that gives students an opportunity to actualize learnings and apply the learned skills in the “real-life setting” while creating the unique networking platform”

“Don’t believe what you see or is being shown” find ways and try to connect with the Ex-Students also known as Alumni and also the current students to get genuine firsthand information about the placement & industrial training (internship) opportunities. You can connect with them via Social Media. Try to pick up information about:
- Hotels that visit campus for campus recruitment
- Package range offered to the students
- Designations offered
- Facilitation for Management Training
    - Job Profiles offered to the students

Location decision is very individualistic, check your daily commute mode and time. Hotel Management is a hectic course with long hours of practicals and your daily commute can drain you.

9. FEE’s
The fee structure for Hotel Management Courses can be high and therefore check if Institute can offer you assistance for availing Education Loan from the bank.

No, we are not talking about any complex mathematical formulae Here, we refer to one simple formula to understand the student-teacher ratio as it is critical in the long run.
Student-Teacher Ratio = Total No of Students Enrolled in the Course / Total No of Teachers
WHY ANALYSE THIS? Because at the end of the day you want small classes with individual attention by your Professors and a healthy Student-Teacher interaction to facilitate learning.

Located conveniently in the heart of Thane City. Sahyog College, Thane – NAAC Accredited, UGC – AICTE Recognized & ISO Certified Thane’s Only Premier Hotel Management Institute offers a unique blend of all the above-mentioned features at an affordable cost, thus making learning accessible for all & within everyone’s reach.



- Prof. Shree Patki
Dept. of Hospitality Studies